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Online Backup with Custom Data Centre

It’s not the most glamorous job but somebody’s got to do it. Let’s face it, backup is one of those mundane tasks that nobody wants to do. Yet it’s arguably the most important computer related task that you could perform. Protecting your valuable data against loss due to fire, flood, hardware failure, theft, and even accidental deletion ensures that you can resume normal business activities in the event of a loss or disaster.

The best backup solution is the one that requires the least effort because the more difficult and time-consuming it is to do, the less likely it is that backup will actually get done. Backup solutions that provide automatic backup relieve you of the burden of performing backup and provide the most efficient and effective method of maintaining current backup copies of important data files.

The best backup solutions also store data in a device independent format. Tape drives and vendor specific storage devices are falling out of favour because of the problems that arise if the device is lost, stolen, or suffers a hardware failure. USB drives are a better alternative but there’s still the problem of off-site storage and the cost of having a sufficient number of drives.

The relatively low cost and increasing availability of high-speed Internet service combined with advancements in data encryption and data compression have led many individuals and organizations to use online backup solutions as a means of meeting their backup needs. Storing backup copies of data on a server in a geographically remote location meets the requirement of off-site storage and there is no reliance on special or proprietary hardware.

We’ve been in the computer and software business since 1971 and our staff has over 50 years of combined experience. During that time we’ve been responsible for backing up a lot of data and we’ve seen a lot of backup and storage technologies come, and go. That experience has led to conclude that online backup offers the ultimate in data protection and we have selected KeepItSafe as our online backup provider. In fact, we like it so much that we’ve partnered with KeepItSafe so that we can provide their online backup solution to our customers.

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